A portal for managing real estate life cycle information.

  • Property Information
  • Multi projects
  • Document Management
  • Contracts
  • Notifications
  • QR Codes
  • SSO (Single sign-on)
  • Dynamic User Rights
kiinteistötietojärjestelmä kiinteistöjohtamiseen
  • A real estate register for managing basic real estate information
  • All your project information in one place
  • A logical, metadata-based document management service for sites, properties and land
  • Transparent and effective contract management even for larger portfolios
  • Construction work reports to tax administration


Information management for projects.

  • Projects
  • Competitive Tendering
  • Small Projects
  • Mobile audits for construction
  • User-friendly project bank for larger projects, but also for small-scale investment projects and maintenance activity
  • Documentation management throughout project
  • All project information stored in one place and accessible to all parties
  • Electronic tendering for construction management projects in line with Act on Public Contracts
  • Mobile on-site safety, quality and cleanliness inspections


Information management for properties.

  • Maintenance
    • Maintenance Diary
    • Service Requests
    • Service Calendar
    • Separately Billed Work
  • Systems and Facilities
  • Upkeep Program
  • Surveys and Reviews
  • Mobile audits for property management
kiinteistön huoltokirja
  • From maintenance plans to proper maintenance programmes
  • Recurring maintenance and inspections carried out on time
  • Historic data available for access and analysis
  • Increased transparency in building maintenance
  • Site information, material maintenance instructions as well as technical specifications easy to access and update
  • Mobile assessments delivering improved efficiency across inspections and quality measurement


We offer consultant services to ensure the efficient and successful implementation and use of our software in all user groups. In addition all our customers enjoy the services of a dedicated account manager.
Their role is to ensure that you make the most of the services you have chosen.

  • Efficient and successful implementation
  • Training services
  • Ongoing customer and user support
  • Maintenance book coordination