Our property management services ensure that your property is well looked after. Our services enable real estate and project information management, transparent and effective contract management, construction work reports to tax administration, and all processes related to real estate ownership and rental business.

BEM Asset Management

A portal for managing real estate life cycle information.

  • A real estate register for managing basic real estate information
  • All your project information in one place
  • A logical, metadata-based document management service for sites, properties and land
  • Transparent and effective contract management even for larger portfolios
  • Construction work reports to tax administration


  • Multi projects
  • Document Management
  • Contracts
  • Notifications
  • QR Codes
  • SSO (Single sign-on)
  • Dynamic User Rights

Haltia Asset Management

An extensive and versatile property management system for investors, private or public owners as well as property managers.

  • Covers all important processes related to owning or renting a real estate, from cash flow management to comprehensive real estate business reporting
  • Automation of all kinds of tasks


  • Real Estate Register
  • Rental Register
  • Rental Ledger
  • Consumption Billing
  • Space Management
  • NetShop

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